Webinar: Find Your Life's Purpose

It’s Time for You to Commit to Defining and Designing Your Best Life

Are you ready for something different, but don’t know what it is? Or how to make it happen?

A 2021 survey conducted by Harris Poll for Fast Company  found that more than half of the U.S. workforce surveyed is considering a job change. Career change is not taken lightly. It takes planning and, in many instances, support and accountability. 

Join our founder, Dr. Kenya Oduor, for a webinar on finding your life’s purpose and career path. Kenya has decades of experience in industry and academia as a practitioner, leader, and coach. She will also share her personal experience that led to her finding her purpose.

This webinar is an introduction to the process and is ideal for anyone looking to transform or transition in their career.

Free Webinar Overview

Our complete program leverages the design thinking framework for personal developmentIn this webinar, we’ll give an overview of the process to gauge your interest. We’ll provide details, including how we help you…

  1. Define a plan for your life
  2. Get the support you need to find your purpose
  3. Create an action plan with clarity on your purpose


Join me on Wednesday, October 26th at 3:30p ET, as I share why now is the perfect time to commit to defining and designing your best life!


We have supported people of all ages and backgrounds through this process. Anyone is welcome!

Three Big Mistakes That People With Untapped Talent Make

Forgetting that your past shapes your future

If you don’t acknowledge your unique experiences and inherent gifts, then you can’t stand out from the crowd.

“Doing” rather than defining the opportunity to live a purposeful life

Your growth plan is just as important as your financial responsibilities. Position yourself to prioritize both so you are more likely to see progress

Using a one-size fits all approach to defining your success

It’s about defining a plan and taking action one step at a time. Your plan and your approach are unique to you and your goals.

Come and Join us!

If you’re interested in a career change, we’d love to have you. Attendance is free. Register through the link below!