About Us

Discovery. Definition. Design

We are a research and user design agency committed to delivering valuable insights, customer-centric strategies, and operational solutions that equip teams with tools and practices that lead to effective outcomes for your clients and users. Whether you are looking to partner on a project or need help securing new talent for your team, we look forward to serving your needs.

Our human-centered approach adds value to product and design systems.


Human-Centered Design That Improves Collaboration & Project Outcomes

We provide full-service support during product and process design and development, enabling the creation of solutions that have a great initial impression and exceed user expectations.

Our Mission

We equip clients with the tools and techniques necessary to better understand end-users and their needs.

Our Vision

We aim to ​​increase creative and strategic thinking from project inception and reduce or eliminate unnecessary churn and rework for customer-focused organizations. 

Our Success

We use a data-driven approach to definition and design that provides the insights, resources, and framework needed to create better solutions for our clients and their customers.

We provide robust research for companies that want to enhance their products and services by leveraging technology.​

Our Services

Consulting. Staffing. Coaching.

Our team members have expertise in human factors, cognitive psychology, design research, product management, product design, interaction and graphic design, and design engineering. This gives us an unparalleled capability to provide full-service support during product definition, design and development.  This enables the creation of products that not only give a great initial impression, but also perform for the user in a manner consistent with that impression.

From research design and consulting, to coaching and staffing, here are a few of the services that we offer clients.

We supply the best user-centered, creative talent to fortify your team and develop the talent you have.

Meet Our Founder

Kenya Oduor, Ph.D.

Kenya is a human-centered researcher, strategist, and solution designer. With a Ph.D. in human factors psychology, she is trained in human factors, experimental psychology and industrial engineering.

After nearly 20 years in enterprise software development organizations, Kenya formed Lean Geeks in 2012, with the goal of helping organizations discover market opportunities and define the most effective solutions for their market.

Leading business strategy and org change in human-centered solution definition and design (Design Thinking) is her strength. She enjoys working with others across organizations from the top-down and bottom-up on defining and implementing processes that lead to better problem definition and improved solution outcomes. She coaches cross-functional teams on collaborative discovery, definition, and design processes that are complimentary to Agile methods.